Sunday, 28 April 2013 00:00

Gerald Duff Profiled in The Examiner, the Independent Voice of Southeast Texas

Gerald Duff was profiled recently in The Examiner, an award-winning newspaper representing Southeast Texas. Authored by Kevin King, the article, entitled "Set in Southeast Texas," details Duff's roots in the area and his continuing literary connection to his native home.


 Mr. King writes:

"Despite moving half way across the country (he currently lives in Lebanon, Ill.), Duff continues to write about his native home.

'Southeast Texas, as a setting, has much more of an emphasis on interrelationships between people than you might have in New York City," explained Duff, who was born in Beaumont. "In Southeast Texas, it's impossible to escape having to deal with other people on a regular, close-knit kind of basis. That habit of being around people and knowing a lot about them gives you insights and perspectives you can't escape.'"


To read the entire article online, click here.