Thursday, 07 November 2013 00:00

Gerald Duff Reviews Rod Davis' New Novel South, America

Southern Literary Review Gerald Duff reviews South, America, a new novel by acclaimed writer Rod Davis, on the website Southern Literary Review. Duff writes that South, America

"...provides a mystery, the first in what promises to be a series featuring a part-time writer, TV announcer, private investigator, Vietnam veteran, and world-weary survivor named Jack Prine. He lives in New Orleans, but not in the French Quarter. Instead he prefers a location in what he believes to be a more realistic and honest part of the Big Easy, a section known as Faubourg Marigny, downriver from the Quarter and characterized by having less character than the Vieux Carre. It is on the edge of significance and metaphor, and that's where Jack Prine has learned he can best endure the life he now leads.

Davis presents a piercing look into the heart of the geographic and emotional location of his protagonist and his journey from jaundiced estrangement into a renewed connection with the ordinary definition of what it is to be human."


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