Thursday, 10 April 2014 00:00

Memphis Mojo Reviewed on Sounds Good

memphis mojo  Memphis Mojo was reviewed by Darragh Doiron, a reporter for the Port Arthur News, in the April 8, 2014, edition of her blog, Sounds Good--

Lamar press releases Duff's 'Memphis Mojo'

When a book looks good, you just get into it.

The first page begins the story in a diner, with "eggs scrambled just this side of too dry," causing the customer to chew more than he wanted to. Since I've recently visited Memphis, the cover caught my eye. I was a few chapters in before I noticed the author's name, Gerald Duff, and recalled a local East Texas connection. Another of his books was sent to The News for review, and I liked it. Lamar University Press released this new novel, which includes a pair of policemen who razz each other about romance and excess weight as much as they right the wrongs of Memphis. There's also Jimbo, who's running a cowboy church. I don't even want to reveal any more. I'm just glad Duff is at it again. This is a follow up to "Memphis Ribs."


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